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Dr. Mark Rogers
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 - Mrs. Willean Hicks -
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel 2015
Forrest City, AR
Meet Some Of The Past Contestants
 - Ms Nadja Scott -
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel 2021
(Baltimore, MD)
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Ms Rhythm Of Gospel Forever Club
 - Dr. Vera Goodman -
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel 2014
Jacksonville, FL

 - Mrs. Voncile Belcher -
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel  2016
(Atlanta, GA)

 - Mrs. Nikki Berry -
Ms N.I.G.M.A. 2019
(Houston, Texas)
Welcome to Jacksonville, Florida
It is no coincidence that God placed us  back in the historical city of Jacksonville, FL for the 14th Annual Rhythm of Gospel Music Awards, to host 9th Annual Ms. Rhythm of Gospel Pageant, for an entire week of events scheduled for each of our wonderful guest.  Truly the 14th year celebration will exemplify growth and spotlight some of the nations very best artists for the Rhythm of Gospel Awards. "Rhythm Of Gospel" represents a sense of balance, well-being, harmony and sense of order and that is exactly what we anticipate.  These characteristics are synonymous with the attributes of any Ms Rhythm of Gospel contestants/winners.
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel 
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The 9th Annual 
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel Pageant
(National & Independent Gospel Music Association)
"A Premier Christian Pageant for Ladies 
ages 25+Above"

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When: Sunday, June 19th 2022
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
 - Mrs. Elaine Mayfield -
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel  2017
(New Jersey)
 - Mrs. LaVargna Hubbard -
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel  2018
(New Mexico)
 - Mrs. Frozene Lott Hayes -
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel  2019
(Nashville, TN)
 - Mrs. Leah Oduro Kwarten -
Ms Rhythm Of Gospel  2020
(Chicago, IL)
 - Ms Sheena Walker -
Ms NIGMA 2017
(Palestine, Arkansas)
 - Mrs. Mona Lisa Murray -
Ms NIGMA 2018
(Mobile, Alabama)
 - Mrs. Nikki Berry -
Ms NIGMA 2019
(Houston TX)